Contrato Postdoctoral en Fabricación Aditiva de Magnesio en el Instituto Laue-Langevin (ILL)

Duración: 2 años

This proposal is focused in the study of additive manufacturing (AM) processes in Magnesium alloys. While the AM manufacturing is highly developed in steels, Ti or Al Alloys, the research and application of AM for Mg alloys is up to now very limited and unexplored. This is mainly caused by the reactive nature of magnesium powders. The improvement of the atmosphere of printers are overcoming this problem and the research of AM in Mg alloys are emerging. The objective of the present proposal has two main directions. Firstly, we will focus on the study of the Mg powders, which are the feedstock of the AM processing. Essential information as its evolution with the temperature or possible in-situ experiments will provide valuable information out the melting and quenching process that takes places during the AM laser scan.  In the second part, neutron diffraction will provide information of the crystal structure, phases and crystallographic texture of the magnesium phase along the growth direction of AM Mg-pillars to understand the fabrication process.

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