II Y-CGMed 5 and 6th May in Madrid

Y-CGMed took place for the first time at ICV-CSIC, in Madrid, on the 10 and 11th of October 2019. It was born as an initiative of the Spanish Society of Ceramic and Glass. The event came back with the second edition on the 5 and 6th May of 2022 and it was again held in Madrid at ICV-CSIC in the frame of 58th edition of National SECV congress. 

This time, Y-CGMed joined during its first session on 5th May with the Symposium on Bioceramics and Bioglasses of the LVIII National Conference from SECV with the keynotes of Prof. Anne Leriche and Prof. Paola Palmero and several conferences and posters of national and international groups working on the subject.  Then, on Friday 6th of May celebrates YCGMed workshop with the participation of 24 oral presentations and 7 posters. Prof. Aldo Boccaccini and Prof. Jérôme Chevalier, all of them well-recognized researchers in the Biomaterials field, were the Plenary Speakers of the event. They shared their knowledge about the last advances in bioceramics and bioglasses matter, from bioactive glasses to yttria on dental implants, from additive manufacturing of calcium phosphates to antibacterial strategies.

The success of the event is reflected in the high number of participants and nationalities involved. It has counted a total of 49 attendees between face-to-face and online. Participants were coming from Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the United States of America.

The workshop organized by SECV has also the financial support of two sponsors: the Regional Division in Madrid of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the JECS Trust from the European Ceramic Society (ECerS). In addition, the spinoff Colfeed4Print sponsored the Symposium on Bioceramics and Bioglasses.

In the framework of this event, Prof. Paola Palmero presented the newly established Bioceramics Network from ECerS. She also announced the winners of the Bioceramics Network Logo Contest. This contest was devoted to finding an original Logo for the newly established network created and designed by researchers or professionals working in the field.