Position: Junior researcher in low temperature electrolysis Offer date: WEB Publication


Department: Hydrogen and Power-to-X Estimated starting date: 4th quarter 2024

Workplace: University of Extremadura. Cáceres campus

Tasks to be develped: 

Electrochemistry is crucial for studying hydrogen production behaviour and electrochemical reactions, especially in low-temperature electrolysis. This technique allows for a detailed understanding of membrane and catalyst materials structures, which can be fully characterized through traditional and new experimental methods. Researchers can gain insights into fundamental electrolysis processes and explore uncharted territories. Developing new and optimizing existing materials to improve low-temperature electrolysis efficiency is a primary objective. Electrochemical and chemical techniques play a critical role in advancing energy production and storage development.

The selected candidate is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Materials synthesis for electrochemical
  • Full characterization understanding of HER/OER reactions in acid/alkali
  • Apply electrochemical characterization techniques, such as CV, LSV, impedance measurements IES, RDE, RRDE, among others.
  • Membrane synthesis of ion exchange membranes (linear or crosslinking polymers, blends, composite)
  • Physicochemical and electrochemical membrane
  • Fibers synthesis through electrospinning
  • Common chemical characterization such as FTIR, Raman, TG, DSC, SEM, and XRD, among others.
  • Electrochemical characterization of electrolyzers, polarization curves and
  • Start-up of laboratory-scale
  • Writing 5 papers per year as first author or co-author and high-ranked journal.
  • Collaborate with other researchers in the team and in interdepartmental projects from CIIAE and beyond.
  • Perform clear and accurate analyses and presentations of the results obtained. Document and present research reports at congresses and scientific
  • Writing research proposals and contributing towards acquisition of competitive funding, both private and/or public
  • Daily guidance of PhD and master
  • Efficient time management with respect to
  • Identify areas of opportunity and propose innovative projects ideas for the development of new materials and the optimization of existing ones to improve hydrogen production efficiency.
  • Successful collaboration with universities, research institutes and companies at the national and international level.
  • Becoming gradually more independent, in order to conduct, manage and lead an independent project

    Challenges: Achieve a complete understanding of the new designed materials electrochemical properties to replace commercial materials. Constantly search for strategies to improve the efficiency of electrolyzers.


Duration of the contract and salary: Temporary Contract

Initial duration: September 2025, with the possibility of extension

Annual Gross Base Salary: 36.775,48 € 

Academic background required: Doctoral degree in materials science, electrochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, engineering, or related disciplines.

Other education: A Master in material sciences, electrochemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering, or similar.

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