Ángela Gallardo - Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio
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Angela Gallardo

Universidad de Sevilla

Ángela Gallardo

Universidad de Sevilla

Cargo: Profesora Titular de Universidad / Tenured Professor


Dirección: Facultad de Física, Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n, 41012 Sevilla


Teléfono de Contacto: 954 55 44 48


Línea/Campo de Investigación: Processing, microstructural, mechanical, electrical and tribological characterization of advanced ceramic monolithic and composite materials with 2D nanofillers (graphene and analogues).


Breve resumen del CV: Dr. Ángela Gallardo López had her Bachelor in Physics in 1994, at the University of Seville, with a special mention for best academic results in her area.She performed a Ph.D in the same University, in the area of Materials Science (1999) and a postdoctoral stage in UFRJ (Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro), Brasil, 2000. Tenured professor at the University of Seville since 2009. For the last ten years, she has been involved in the processing, microstructural, mechanical, electrical and tribological characterization of advanced ceramic composites with carbon nanotubes and most recently with graphene-based nanostructures. Leader (IP) of two research projects on ceramic composites with 2D nanostructures, financed by the Spanish MINECO and European ERDF.


Link página personal:


Proyectos destacados:

• MAT2015-67889-P. Processing and microsctructural, mechanical and electrical characterization of ceramic-graphene composites (CERAMGRAPHENE). https://investigacion.us.es/sisius/sis_proyecto.php?idproy=26902 Project financed by MINECO-FEDER

• PGC2018-101377-B-I00. Processing and characterization of ceramic composites with two-dimensional laminar nanomaterials (CMC-NANOLAM). Project financed by MINISTERIO DE CIENCIA, INNOVACIÓN Y UNIVERSIDADES-FEDER

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