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Zoilo González

Universidad de Córdoba

Zoilo González

Universidad de Córdoba

Cargo: Investigador Postdoctoral Juan de la Cierva Incorporación


Teléfono de contacto: 917355840 – ext: 992225


Línea/Campo de Investigación (Español/ Inglés): Colloidal processing of photo- and electroactive ceramic semiconductors for the development of hybrid energy harvester/storage systems.


Breve resumen del CV (Español/ Inglés): I am Postdoctoral Researcher in the ICV-CSIC as Dr. in Engineering & Technology from the University of Córdoba (UCO, 2013), being awarded of a postdoctoral grant “Juan de la Cierva Incorporación (IJCI-2016-28538)” from May 2018.

Currently, my research is based on the colloidal processing of ceramic semiconductor materials with advanced functional and structural applications. The work foundation is supported on the development of the scientific knowledge into the fields of colloidal chemistry and surface modification/functionalization of particles (with polyelectrolytes, polymers, surfactants, etc.) in liquid media, applied to the manufacturing processes. My previous know-how acquired during different PhD and postdoc stages have led me to start a novel research line based on the manufacturing of energy harvesters with an effective storage system integrated as hybrid nanodevices, where the technological innovation is related to the miniaturization processes of the coupled systems by printing inks forming customized patterns onto planar surfaces.

My leadership is demonstrated with a “Frontiers of Reseach” project as Principal Investigator, funded by ECERs as well as the supervision of a PhD thesis (currently ongoing), 15 master and degrees thesis and practical training of academic grades. It is also remarkable the industrial vision that I acquired during my time at the company Hisbalit S.A., including the «Torres Quevedo program (PTQ-13-05985)». Besides, the development of stays has allowed me to open new collaboration routes (University of Liege, University of Franché Comte, etc.) that then I have incorporated to my current research group. I have worked in 11 R&D projects funded through competitive calls and 3 R&D non-competitive contracts, agreements or projects. I have organized 7 R&D activities. And also I have the ANECA accreditation for PhD Lecturer.

From 2011, I have contributed to 41 publications (36 SCI, 3 non-SCI and 2 proceedings). Among these manuscripts, 25 are indexed in Q1 and I am the first author in 12 of them (H-index of 8, 220 total cites). Furthermore, I have also spread my work in more than 70 international and national conferences (20 were imparted by me as oral communications (including 3 invited talks) and 13 posters as corresponding author)


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Proyecto destacado

Juan de la Cierva Incorporación IJCI-2016-28538.

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