IP002 – Yuran Niu

Mitigating the space charge effect in the aberration-corrected PEEM: core-level XPEEM

IP003 – Lin Zhu

Surface chemistry and diffusion of trace and alloying elements during vacuum thermal deoxidation of stainless steel

IP013 – Wolf Widdra

Magnetic circular dichroism imaging of Fe(100) in threshold PEEM

IP015 – Guido Stam

Growth of Photocathodes for Optical Near-Field Electron Microscopy

IP016 – Abdullah Al-Mahboob

Growth of Borophene on Thin Metallic Films

IP020 –  Jon Azpeitia

Electron-stimulated dissociation kinetics of LiCl thin films on graphene

IP021 – Moritz Ewert

Single-domain MoS2: from single-layer growth to the formation of first bi-layer seeds

IP024 – Hao Yin

On the Way to Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Formation and Decoupling of  0°-Rotated Epitaxial Graphene

IP025 – Nick Barrett

Ferroelastic twin topography angles at the surface of CaTiO3 (001) observed by Photoemission Electron Microscopy

IP026 – Sense J. Van der Molen

Mixed orientation Charge Density Waves in mixed polytype TaS2

IP027 – Amin Moradi

Back-illuminated photoemission electron microscopy (BIPEEM)


IP028 – Sense J. Van der Molen

CryoLEEM: instrumentation and first results

IP032 – Andrew Winchester

Deep-UV Photoemission Electron Microscopy of Gallium Nitride Surfaces

IP034 – Marian Mankos

Design for a novel high resolution electron energy loss microscope

IP037 – Michael Altman

Temporal Coherence Effects of Field Emission on Image Formation in Low Energy Electron Microscopy

IP040 – Florian Kronast

Use of a Timepix 3 detector in X-PEEM

IP041 – Bharti Matta

Momentum microscopy of Pb-intercalated graphene on SiC: charge neutrality and electronic structure of interfacial Pb

IP046 – Asato Onishi

Imaging of electronic nematic domains in Ba1-xNaxFe2As2 by Laser-PEEM

IP047 – Yoichi Kageyama

Real-space observation of electronic nematic domains in iron-based superconductors by Laser-PEEM

IP051 – Chandni Babu

Transient grating time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy

IP053 – Pascal Dreher

Time- and Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectromicroscopy with Nano-Focused Surface Plasmon Polaritons

IP057 – Veronika Stará

Kinetic Control of Self-Assembly Using a Low-Energy Electron Beam

IP060 – Jerzy Sadowski

Spectro-Microscopy of Twisted Bilayer Graphene Structures

IP061 – Sebastian Günther

Versatile procedure to remove chromatic aberrations from XPEEM data – a graphene/Cu case study

IP062 – Gerd Schönhense

Novel Momentum Microscope for Large-k-Field ARPES and Photoelectron Diffraction with Space-Charge Suppression

IP064 – Jan Ingo Flege

In-situ nanoscale characterization of cyclic reduction and reoxidation of CeOx islands on Cu(111)

IP066 – Rudolf Tromp

Raytracing Image Simulations for Mirror Electron Microscopy

IP070 – Pavel Prochazka

Visualization of molecular stacking using dark field imaging in Low-Energy Electron Microscope

IP074 – Muhammad Waqas Khaliq

High Frequency Sample Excitation at the ALBA-PEEM

IP081 – Dorota Wilgocka-Ślęzak

High-temperature oxygen monolayer structures on W(110) revisited

IP082 – Johannes Otto

Towards Time-Resolved Ultrafast Low Energy Electron Microscopy

IP083 – Leon Brauns

Transient Electric Field Effect-Based Characterization of an Ultrafast Electron Gun Suitable for Low Energy Electron Microscopy

Ip088 – Nick Barrett

Oxygen vacancy concentration as a function of field cycling and polarization in TiN/Hf0.5Zr0.5O2/TiN ferroelectric capacitors

IP091 – Andreas Scholl

Machine Learning Model Estimating Aberration Coefficients of Simulated PEEM Images

IP092 – Cecilia Granados Miralles

Growth mode of ultrathin films of mixed iron-cobalt oxides

IP094 – Ralf Hemm

Exciton dynamics and electron delocalization in C60 thin films

IP096 – José Emilio Prieto

Li interaction with epitaxial graphene / Ru(0001) islands monitored by LEEM and visible-light PEEM

IP097 – Michael Man

The varied nature and roles of nanoscale surface defects in perovskite thin films

IP100 – Ka-Man Yu

Structural Reorientation of Organic Molecules on Surfaces by  Alkali Metal Doping

IP102 – Alvaro González

Interface-induced magnetic anisotropy in Co/MoS2

IP104 – Ivo Konvalina

Study of 2D Materials by a Time-of-Flight Spectrometer for Low-Energy Electrons

IP105 – Jesús Carlos Guzmán Mínguez

Influence of the growth conditions on the magnetism of SrFe12O19 thin films and the behavior of Co/SrFe12O19 bilayers

IP106 – Juan De La Figuera

How the stacking sequence determines the magnetocrystalline anisotropy in Co islands 3 atoms thick

IP109 – Šárka Mikmeková

Reflectivity of super slow electrons from clean and oxidized steel surface

IP110 – Pawel Nita

Pypleem- a Python framework for PEEM/LEEM data analysis

IP111 – Nelia Zaiats

Interferometric time-resolved PEEM imaging of the near-field dynamics in silver nanowires excited by few-cycle short-wave infrared pulses

IP118 – Brice Sarpi

Selective phase decomposition in multiferroic α-Fe2O3-X / BaTiO3(001) and Fe3-δO4 / BaTiO3(001) driven by tip-bias

IP122 – Matteo Jugovac

From synthesis to electron doping of a graphene/ferromagnetic interface

IP123 – Ewa Madej

How cobalt drives spin orientation in hematite

IP124 – David Schmitt

Spatio-temporal formation dynamics of dark moiré interlayer excitons


Emilio Nieto

Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno

«El H2 y sus aplicaciones»

Vídeo presentación:


Miguel A. Peña

Instituto de Catálisis y Petroquímica – CSIC

«El Hidrógeno, la última frontera»

Vídeo presentación:

Canal Youtube: Grupo de Energía y Química Sostenibles

Jadra Mosa

Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio (ICV – CSIC)

«El papel clave de los materiales cerámicos y vítreos en generación y almacenamiento de energía»

Vídeo presentación:


Miguel A. Laguna

Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (INMA), CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza

«Procesado avanzado de materiales cerámicos para su aplicación en pilas de combustible y electrolizadores de alta temperatura»

Vídeo presentación:


África Castro 


«Electrolizadores como solución tecnológica a la descarbonización de la industria de cerámica y vidrio»

Vídeo presentación:


Elena Verdú


«Repsol, una apuesta por el hidrógeno renovable»

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